Gaurav Taneja otherwise known as Flying Beast is a Civil Engineer from IIT Kharagpur(2008) who at that point followed his energy to turn into a Commercial Airline Pilot. For a significant long time, he flew with Indigo as a Captain and afterward moved his activity from that point to AirAsia as a Captain.

As a responsible pilot, to guarantee wellbeing of the travelers, he frequently brought up the defects to the higher authorities of the organization. Be that as it may, they were hesitant to hear him out. This was one of his issues as he said in his most recent Youtube video.

Furthermore, as we probably am aware, pilot's life isn't customary. They need to go for trips aimlessly times, be it late night, early morning, early afternoon or the night. Being a human, they need rest and now and then may become sick.

There are strict guideline by DGCA about pilot flight duty time and rest period. No operator can plan their pilots to exceed FDTL. A pilot can avail certain amount of sick leaves depending upon his physical and mental condition to fly. Airline can not force them to fly in that situation. When Taneja used to report sick, the organization rather requested that he chip away at his planned leaves as per the program. Upon refusal, the organization was discontent with him and brought up issues that he isn't therapeutically fit for flying which in a roundabout way addresses the Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Thirdly he expressed that not at all like some other aircraft organization, AirAsia has a standard for 98% flap 3 landing. More the flap expanded, more is the drag accomplished by the airplane, the more slow the airplane will be in approach. There are numerous spots in India where the runway is shorter. Additionally some have heights as well. Henceforth the airplane needs more drag not to overshoot the runway length.

Flying Beast, Taneja expressed that to spare fuel the organization constrained its pilots to do flap 3 approach on 98% arrivals. Taneja included that when the Captain signs the PIC(Pilot In Command), the whole duty of the airplane and its travelers come over his head. So he said that to stay away from such a mishap, he flew with full flap on arrivals and 7 arriving with flap 3, out of 10 arrivals he did on the most recent month that he had flown. For this, the organization was addressing on his ineptitude as a pilot.

Along these lines he was suspended from his activity in AirAsia. Be that as it may, he raised a voice against them and got DGCA into concern. Presently DGCA has delegated an enquiry over the Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) of AirAsia and Captain Gaurav Taneja , Flying Beast is standing by enthusiastically for some positive reaction from them.