What will be the period when humans take inspiration from the flights of a bird and fills the imagination to fly! Today, our human society feels as comfortable about the concept of flight, perhaps today, a hundred years ago, I would have felt equally uncomfortable and surprised at the concept of flying! Where the history of human flights begins, the foundation of the invention of the aircraft is laid from there! In 2003, when all the countries of the world were celebrating the centenary of this miraculous invention of flights, India did not have this achievement! India had to wait another 4 years to celebrate the centenary of aviation!

The achievement of this 4-year long waits after India’s 4-year wait in the field of aviation is also behind the existence of a hundred years of fluctuating miraculous history! Just a hundred years before today, on February 18, 1911, when the French pilot Mr. Henry Piquet would have made his first flight to Naini, then perhaps the wings of Indian hope would have got two wings! The Yamuna shore of Allahabad became the first flight to witness Indian flight on February 18, 1911!

This first flight between Indian cities may have covered a distance of just 10 km, but this 10 km flight gave such hope to the Indian hope that today thousands of miles seem even smaller! The most historical fact of this achievement of February 14, 2011, is that the first person who came out of Indian territory to touch with hope, started his journey with 6000 letters written to the then Emperor of Britain, George V!

This flight of letters laid the foundation of the Airmail Service on February 18, 1911, which added to the importance of this miraculous and historic day. It is not a matter of less surprise and pleasant feeling that two important definitions of Indian history were written on the same date. Due to these historicalities, on 18 February 1911, today the history of Indian Civil Aviation is inscribed in golden letters! This first success of the flight, as if, has spread the energy in all the hopes! After a year and a half from February 18, 1911, the first civil aviation service route was started in December 1912 between Delhi and Karachi, the new fledgling capital of India.

The primary common avionics administration began among Delhi and Karachi was begun with shared help of the Indian State Air Services and Imperial Airways UK! This air common avionics administration began in December 1912 is the establishment of the establishment from where the establishment of the high rises of current Indian aeronautics is associated! Indian Aviation, in a joint effort with Imperial Airways UK, raised the establishment stone laid as the principal air course in December 1912, it would not be an embellishment to consider it to be the second milestone accomplishment of Indian Civil Aviation! In the field of Indian Civil Aviation. The new section began as the principal Indian air administration Indian Air Line Service Tata Sons Limited! The normal air mail administration propelled by Tata Sons Limited between Madras (Chennai) and Karachi was totally liberated from the support and participation of the then government.

This fresh start, driven by Tata's private venture, established the framework for the private speculation custom in Indian common avionics and gave the starting a solid measurement to aeronautics! This presentation of standard air mail administration offered ascend to a conviction and confidence in flying among the Indian bourgeoisie some place! Because of which the conceivable outcomes of private interest in aeronautics administration was helped. The establishment of private financial specialists' support and all choices in current avionics was most likely laid by Tata Sons Limited in 1915! Accordingly, the aeronautics administration is thriving! It is likewise significant that private interest in Indian flight took only three years to four years to come, which is an immediate confirmation of the fast improvement of Indian aeronautics! As is notable that in the improvement of current world society, all the conceivable outcomes are associated through private capital venture and all the nations of the world are occupied with developing themselves as indicated by the yearnings of indigenous and remote financial specialists! In such a circumstance, speculation all things considered, of all shapes and sizes, is getting basic and obligatory for fast and all-round improvement in any zone! On the off chance that Indian common flying can arrive at an esteemed position today, at that point the commitment of private capital speculation is obviously reflected in it.