IGRUA is one of the premier flying training institutes in India. It was established in 1985 by the late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Many youngsters and pilot aspirants dream of getting admitted to IGRUA. As the aviation scenario is changing rapidly due to COVID19, it is a matter of concern to many aspirants about IGRUA placement and fees. Pilot training involves a high cost, and proper planning about fees can be a wise decision.


Courses Available in IGRUA

After Professional Courses, professionally accepted by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India are provided for students to avail benefits/subsidy from banks:

Ab- initio to Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) combined with Instrument and Multi-Engine Endorsement with a for BSc Aviation.

Simulator Training According to applicants' demands.

Multi-engine endorsement.

License issue/ renewal evaluations and Licence approval checks.

Ab-initio to Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) class for overseas nationals. According to Institutional demands in their respective nations, Notably designed training classes for Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard Pilots.

CRM WorkshopMulti-Crew Co-Operation (MCC) Course

Mainly CPL training with Multi-engine IR is the most popular course among the pilot aspirants in India. Students can join IGRUA right after passing the 10+2 with PCM scoring 60% marks. ( Relaxation for SC/ST/OBC)

IGRUA fees and other charges :

The Training Course Fee for Ab-initio into CPL Course together with IR and also multi-engine approval is Rs. 45,00,000, and also No GST is applicable in the same at the moment.

Additional cost for approximately Rs. 2.00 Lac is the payable cost of Uniform, Study Material, Navigation Computer, Headphones, Personal Accident Insurance Coverage Premium.

DGCA/ / RTR Examination and License commission will be payable with the trainee right during Debit/Credit Cards or Internet Banking. Additionally to individuals registering in BSc Course, University & Examination fee is likely to be extra as appropriate. Split up Hostels for Girls and Boys is provided on double sharing basis against skyrocketing costs of Rs. 1500 a month. Messing Prices are on actual ingestion and might cost approximately Rs. 12,000/- a month.

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IGRUA Placements :

IGRUA does not guarantee any placement after completing the CPL training. If you are looking for proper training, IGRUA guarantees that. As per opinion, no flying school can guarantee placements unless it is under any cadet pilot program. IGRUA positioning history indicates that IGRUA product or service results from the sturdy qualifications scores on the set of airlines searching CPL holders. Period-wise positioning proportions, as got by casual resources are revealed here:-

Period Placement %

1988 - 1990 100 %

1991 - 2000 51 %

2001 - 2008 85 %

2008 - 2010 77. 5 %

2010 - 2015 90 %


IndiGo hired A320 trainee pilots through IGRUA Placement in 2018-19

Authorities in the traveling education academy and the airline, also have supported that the evolution. In this particular campus assortment, picked applicants went for type-rating training for Airbus A320 plane and inducted as Junior very first Officers (JFOs) in IndiGo following finishing their type-rating.

After passing through psychometric tests, group discussions along with one-on-one interviews, and respectively, the cadets were selected in IndiGo through IGRUA placement drive.


Air India Express IGRUA Campus Placement in 2015

In 2015, Air India Express came for placement drive in IGRUA and selected around 50 pilots for their Boeing 737 fleet. The recruitment exam included psychometric tests, Technical exams, Simulator Check, and finally, interviews.


IGRUA scholarship :


The Ministry of Tribal affairs has eliminated CPL Study Course in the Declaration of Scholarship to Find the top class institutes. Therefore no scholarships have been ensured to ST candidates. Nevertheless, the ST candidates can consult their State Authorities for the Scholarship scheme. Remember to check together with the Ministry for the newest upgrades. The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Delivers Scholarships to 17 SC applicants on MERIT CUM Implies BASIS beneath Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of both Top-class Education to get SC pupils Every Year. Even the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment delivers Around Rs.2200/per calendar month towards lodging & boarding expenses. In contrast, the Boarding -- accommodation and other bills, is somewhere around Rs. 10000/per month, and hence, the worth of cost is always to be borne by the applicants. A few State Authorities offer an informative article to book classification candidates in their nations. IGRUA can forward the application for the various Nation Governments. The applicants can method their Condition Government to the same.



IGRUA Aspirant's Online Preparation Course for IGRUA Entrance Exam

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