It is obvious that 2021 is another bad year for the aviation industry. After the first wave of COVID19, airline industries started to turn around and resume their normal operations. As the 2nd wave of Corona has attacked, as a result, air travel has been reduced to 60-70 % of the normal volume. More and more flights are being cancelled and airlines are trying to minimize their expenditure to survive. Cadet Pilot programs across the globe has been put on hold nearly , on the other hand a large number of experienced pilots are sitting idle at home.

In this situation, is it a good decision to invest huge amount of money and choose for a career in flying ? Well, in this article we will try to figure out the facts.

1. We do not know , when will the COVID situation will be over and airlines will be back to business. No pandemic ever last for lifetime, and there is no better alternative that air travel. We can hope for good time to come back again in near future. As we have seen earlier after the first wave, air travel actually increased from the past, as people were waiting for long time to travel for job, business , leisure. There is a very good chance of rising of the market as soon as situation become favorable.

2. If you are thinking of joining of pilot training in 2021 but hesitating of job opportunities and financial risk , let me tell you , right now your are an aspirant. By the time you join flying academy, pass your exams, finish your flying training, will cost few more years. There can be good opportunities to come back , by the time you'll be ready for job.

3. What can be a good option , to start your flying training ? Easy and simple answer is , join a good flying school. But, before jumping into any emotional conclusion , ask yourself few questions?

a. Do you really want to become a commercial pilot or it is just a fascination ?

b. Are you ready to take up all challenges for this career ?

c. Are you committed to do hard work ?

If all of your answers are yes, Join the next step .................

Future Pilot Foundation Course : 5 steps to follow for starting your Pilot Career