From what I discovered around 11k people employed for 2018 cadetship but just around 270 people triumph. And so I might say it isn't simple to enter this cadetship.3 newspapers total, roughly 1 hour every day if I recall properly.

All newspapers are target queries. Maths and Physics have been predicated on SPM syllabus. English is predicated on MUET. Only do some revision and also you may pass this point readily.Period

2: Psychometric Evaluation Nothing much to get ready , simply be your self and answer the question banks that'll determine whether you're acceptable for pilot occupation or perhaps maybe not. I got my results around 3 hrs after the evaluation.Period

3: Psycho-motor and Logical ThinkingI suggest one to purchase a Joystick and also SkyTest applications to get ready for psychomotor.It's fundamentally to check your capacity to multi-tasking by focusing on 4to 5 tasks at exactly the exact same moment. Some clinic are necessary with this particular .Logical thinking evaluation is only a few simultaneous equation questions however there exists the absolute minimum score that you want to record to pass on the exam.Period 4: InterviewSimply be yourself, be fair, respectful and wear well, shake their hands once you entered the space and entertain every one.

Remember first belief is essential. It's also wise to talk to positive without stuttering. They may ask you concerning AirAsia company structure too. I was meeting by one AirAsia captain and two HR. I received my results after fourteen days and I passed on the meeting.

Air Asia India Cadet Pilot Preparation Course

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