I guess you got the mail concerning the PILAPT on 3 1 Aug to 4 Sept yesterday. This really is the only shot you have to become the pilot. PILAPT is designed to evaluate the center capabilities to become the pilot's. Basically there are just three phases to Finish the assessment:

Nontechnical Assessment: The applicants will be invited to perform group tasks which will allows one to exhibit the social skills and caliber such as communicating, teamwork and leadership, situation awareness completing in form of group talks, debates, fictional situations or any appropriate briefing.

Specialized evaluation: In technical analysis, you are required to complete the numeracy assessment. This is psychological arithmetic evaluation under timed problems usually performed on the computer minus the aid of calculators, yet paper and pencil is going to be supplied to perform demanding calculations. 1-5 inquiries, 1-5 minutes. This numeracy evaluation comprises mainly of gas calculations, and time period difficulties. These questions really are easy better make an effort to solve those questions within 10 minutes while the amount of time expend on every query is also noted to see how faster you can address the issue with excellent precision and accuracy. After the numeracy test, there is a series of 6 modules completed over the computer which takes about a while to Finish,
Writer: The interview will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Interview may be the proficiency & signs established and also you need to supply relevant & recent replies. There will soon probably be a board of two members carrying the interview, an individual are the HR person and another may be the pilot. The crucial aspects to be asked is leadership, communicating abilities, flexibilityand motivation, responsibility, collaboration etc.. The interviewer has a booklet full of questions and may be bombarding to you one after another.
Tell us on your own. Exactly why do you want to get pilot? What is the importance of languages besides English in aviation sector? Inform all of all your strengths and also flaws. What characteristics you feel you must develop into the pilot? If did it happen to you that you want to become the pilot and ? Specifications of A320. Tell us the situation at which you showed your leadership features. Fictional questions. Which was the previous picture you saw and what is the movie about?
Throughout the meeting for your Airline Pilot Program in Philippines, these will be the questions that I had been asked,
Even the hand/eye manipulation and psycho-motor tracking is completed with the assistance of joystick. Even the joystick at the exam center will be too painful and sensitive and painful and you also wont be in a position to restrain both the aircraft properly. Thus practice in your house before going for the examination
And so I advise that you to rehearse the queries ahead of you go for the examination and usually offer relevant samples of the skills and characteristics you revealed during each of the event.

Hand/eye coordination
Psychomotor tracking
Mechanical Reasoning
Spatial Orientation/Awareness
Numeracy abilities Capability

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Prepare these queries nicely. Look for google concerning the interview issues to get distinct cadet plans. Create the answer, update the clear solution.