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DGCA CPL / ATPL Online Live Classes AUGUST 2021 Batch

The course will cover DGCA Met syllabus and follow I C Joshi and Oxford Meteorology book concepts.

Live classes are conducted by Airline Pilots on interactive platform.

This course will explore the science behind weather systems by teaching the observational skills needed to make a forecast on day to day flying needs.

We'll discuss the physical processes driving weather and the global forces that shape global climate systems.

Finally, you will have plenty of question solving and Mock tests to evaluate your knowledge.


Class conducted by Airline Pilots

DGCA Meteorology Question Bank

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Updated DGCA Meteorology Question Bank is provided to the students along with downloadable books and study materials.

3 Months DGCA Meteorology Passing Program

This is the 90 days Aviation Meteorology study package for pilot trainees who are taking the DGCA exams in India. This topic covers weather-related aspects of aviation. This package contains everything you need to pass the exam on your next attempt with live classes.. You can learn our tips and study our question banks. Then, you can practice unlimitedly with the trial exams until you feel confident enough to take the actual exam. Let's now see what is included in this passing program.

This systematic method will help you pass your exam and gain knowledge about the subject. This package was designed to be easily understood and mastered in just 20 days. The study materials are organized so that you can follow the instructions day by day. This package includes video classes, topic-wise explanations and sample questions. The final full version test also comes with the package. Before you start, take a look at the study materials.

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  • All chapters theory
  • Study materials (Books, charts, question banks, PDFs)
  • Questions banks on topic-related topics (39)
  • DGCA syllabus for CPL
  • Live Classes
  • Topic-wise Trial exams
  • Full version trial exams

Week 1 (Atmosphere basics).

You should be familiar with these topics today

We will be studying the fundamental features of the earth's atmosphere today. It covers the composition of the atmosphere, its vertical distribution layers and temperature, heat transfer, lapse speed, effects of solar radiation, conduction etc. Also included are diurnal variations and the effects of wind and clouds.

  • Theory study
  • Question Bank
  • Live class Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere Hindi
  • Topic exam - Atmosphere

Week 1. Day 3.

Learn about atmospheric pressure (altimeter settings, and related standards) today.

  • Theory Study
  • Video class
  • Topic exam -Pressure

Week 2. Density, Humidity

Let us go a little more deep into atmosphere related studies. Today, you'll be learning about topics such as temperature, humidity, and density.


  • Theory Study Density
  • Live class (Density)
  • Density


  • Theory Study Humidity
  • Video class (Humidity)
  • Topic Exam - Humidity

Week 3. Day 1.

Temperature and stability (thermodynamics).

  • Theory Study
  • Video class -Temperature
  • Temperature Question Bank
  • Video class -Stability of atmosphere
  • Thermodynamics exam
  • Stability exam

Optical phenomena

  • Theory Study
  • Video class:
  • Topic Exam (Optical phenomena, temperature, stability combined)

Revision exam:A collective exam to determine pressure, temperature, and humidityDensity

Week 4

  • Theory Study
  • Video class: Winds (English) , Winds (Hindi)
  • Topic Exam Winds

Week 5

  • Theory Study Clouds
  • Theory Study Rain
  • Video class Rain and precipitation
  • Video class Ice accretion
  • Video class Clouds
  • Ice accretion exam
  • Topic Exam clouds, rain, ice accretion

Week 6.Visibility, Fog, Aviation hazards

  • Theory Study
  • Video class Visibility and fog
  • Visibility and Fog Hindi
  • Topic Exam Visibility, fog

Week7. Thunderstorms

  • Theory Study
  • Video class: Thunderstorms , Thunderstorms (Hindi)
  • Topic Exam thunderstorms

Week 8.Jet Streams, CAT, Cyclones, turbulence

  • Theory Study- Jet Streams
  • Clear Air Turbulence
  • Cyclones
  • Video class : Jet Streams
  • Video class : CAT
  • CAT 2 (Capt. Jyoti Verma)
  • CAT Hindi
  • Turbulence exam
  • Topic Exam
  • Topic Exam 2

Week 9. Air masses, Western disturbances and General Circulation, Fronts, Mountain waves

  • Theory Study: Mountain waves; Western Disturbances
  • Video class: General Circulation, General Circulation Hindi
  • Combined exam

Week 10.Global Climate and tropical systems

  • Theory Study
  • Video class
  • Topic Exam

Week 11.

  • Theory Study Indian Climatology
  • Video class : Indian Climatology
  • Topic Exam

Week 12.

  • Theory Study : Decoding Station Models
  • Video class : Station Model , Station Model (Hindi)
  • Topic Exam

Week 13.

  1. Theory Study - Met Information Services Instruments, Codes; Reading and decoding METAR
  2. Video class
  3. Topic Exam

Week 14.

  • All chapter-wise exams trial

We are happy to inform you that our meteorology syllabus was completed within the stipulated time. But it's not over. It is now time to review all questions and clarify any doubts. Refer to our explanations or other recommended books. We can now practice with full-version trial exams. These exams are similar to the real DGCA exams. The exam will last approximately one hour. There will be 50 questions. You will receive a score-card via registered email after you have completed the test.

Books, notes QB provided

Limited Batch size

5 days a week classes

This course is closed for enrollment.

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