DGCA Pariksha Simulator

Aviator Cloud brings DGCA Pariksha Mock test series for CPL ATPL candidates. Appear the mock test before your exam and test your preparation.


  • Almost exact replica of DGCA Pariksha MCQ interface.
  • Time limited exam of 3 hours.
  • DGCA exam simulation.
  • Appear Mock test before the actual test.
  • Answer and solutions are provided on every question.
  • Appearing Mock Test helps you solving the Question Bank.
  • Identify your weak areas and focus more.

DGCA Pariksha Simulator

Simulate your next DGCA Exam on PC/ipad/mobile

Evaluate Answer

Get your score immediately and evaluate your score.

Practice MCQ on similar interface

Practice MCQ questions on similar interface. Time limited exam.

DGCA Pariksha Simulator for CPL ATPL Mock Test