Join the free class. 7 days aerodynamics workshop. Check For batch schedule and timings in the Aviator Cloud Live App.



Understanding Lift , Drag , Thrust and equation.

L/D ratio.

Different forms of drag.


Avoiding wake turbulence.

And so on......

7 days workshop for student pilots. Knowledge standard SPL and CPL level.

Frequently Asked Questions.

When will the class start ?

Always check for current batches and upcoming live batch schedule in the Aviator Cloud Live App.

What is the duration of the class?

The class will be scheduled for 2 hrs. May reduced or extended as per progression.

Do I need to pay anything for the class?

Absolutely no. You don't need to pay anything for the first class.

How shall I enrol for the class?

Download the Aviator Cloud Live App and Join Live classes in the App.

Please Note:

For iPhone / iPad users, Download the My Institute iOS app , and put institute code : plgqh