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The WPC (Wireless Planning and Co Ordination ) wing of the Ministry of Communication, Government of India conducts the examination and dilemmas that the RTR(A) permit in India. For obtaining CPL from DGCA India, it's a compulsory requirement to get your RTR (A) license. The RTR (Aeronautical) exam consists of after two parts.

Part 1: Practical evaluation in Regulations and Procedures (Transmission)

Part 2: Oral Exam (VIVA) in A) Regulation and Procedure B) Radio fundamentals and practice

What Exactly Is Radio Telephony Restricted (Aero) --"RTR (A)"

The R. T. R. (A) can be really just a expert license of an worldwide benchmark according to the general principles supplied under international radio regulations. In India this permit is issued by an WPC wing of this Division of Telecommunication Govt. Of India. This Exam is performed in 2 different parts.

Part I is just a twenty six 5 minutes semester, at that a realistic evaluation in polices and processes is awarded. It is also referred to as, Transmission. In case a person clears it, he's questioned to surface in a part two. Component 2 can be a dental exam in regulation and Procedure as well as radio fundamentals and practice. It's conducted the Chief Examiner, who's out of WPC and yet another representative in DGCA/AAI.

Part 1 Assessment includes ATS path graphs, transmission practices and formats of transmission as per AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), India. Part 2 Exam includes Fundamental energy, Radio Navigational Aids, operating of transmitter-receiver, modulation, HF-VHF communication, Regulations and flight program, DGCA vehicles etc..

Syllabus of RTR (A) Exam - RTR (A) Course

Area A -- Legislation and Process: General and aeronautical 'Q' code signals and other abbreviations as contained in Annex-10 (vol. 1 & 2) of both International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).General Radio-Telephone conversation process and radio telephone communication procedure such as misery & distress and spellings used in anti inflammatory such as figures and words. Permit specifications of radio apparatus used in aircraft. Minimum demand of radio Gear to be performed on air craft prescribed in Annex-6 of this International Civil Aviation Organization and navigation centers available with all key frequencies for use for communicating and navigation within India. Meteorological codes, preflight briefing products and providers and also the usages.

Knowledge of Notices to Airman issued from the Civil Aviation Authority in India as applicable to the aeronautical cell and air traffic management providers. SECTION B - Radio Principles and Practice: Awareness of electrical units like volt. Ampere, ohm and watt, tide duration, frequency along with also their relationship. Awareness of radio frequency propagation, daylight and nighttime frequencies, skip space, fading floor darkness and its own influence on communication, range of frequencies to realize maximum efficiency in tackling air-ground HF communications.

General comprehension of machine useful for broadcast ground conversation involving SELCAL functionality, inter communicating and mentioning process of aircraft, and basic knowledge of radio navigation helps, functionality of microphones and headphones, squelch, A. V. do quantity controller, tuning of transmitter, simplex and duplex functionality, strengths and pitfalls of both H. F. Radiotelephony communication and limits of scope thanks to frequency disturbance etc.

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  • Radio Transmission Regulations and Procedures
  • Oral Exam- Viva Preparation Online
  • Questions and answers
  • Hypothetical Charts- Understanding and use
  • Self Practice Test and Discussion Room

RTR Online Course is designed for students, who are struggling to clear the RTR (A) Exam and complete their CPL training. It is highly convenient for students flying in any flying school in India or abroad, to schedule their class slots flexibly. We take only 2-3 students in a batch and put personal attention and provide end to end practice sessions. In the course, you'll get lot of actual radio communication and ATC scenario for your real understanding. Plenty of RTR exam study materials are also available. RTR Online course is the actual demonstration between Pilot and ATC controller.

ATS Route Chart India

You'll be provided latest ATS Route Chart India and Jeppesen Chart format of latest SIDs and STARs, virtual flying experience with proper communication skill which is important to clear the radio telephony exam.

RTR Part 2 Questions :

Our instructors ( Experienced in real Airline Flying ) will prepare you for the RTR Part 2 exam as well. As it a a verbal communication and interview based exam, special focus is given on answer delivery technique and answering to the point.

RTR (A) Regulations and Procedure: Shall cover the following:

  • International Telecommunication Convention & Radio Regulations
  • General and Aeronautical ‘Q’ Code Signals and other abbreviations as contained in Annexure 10 (Vol.I & II) of International Civil Aviation Organisation.
  • General Radio telephone Communication procedures and radio telephone communication procedure for distress urgency and direction finding.
  • Procedures for distress communication in Maritime Mobile Service.
  • Words and figures spelling used in radio telephone.
  • Licensing requirements of installation and operation of radio apparatus used in aircraft.
  • Minimum requirement of radio equipment to be carried on aircraft as prescribed in Annexure 6 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and Civil Aviation Authority in India.
  • Flight Information Regions in India and main Radio Communication and Navigation facilities available together with principal frequencies to be used for communication and navigation within India.
  • Meteorological codes, pre-flight briefing services and their usages.
  • Knowledge of notices to airmen issued by the Civil Aviation Authorities in India as applicable to the Aeronautical mobile and Air traffic Control Services.

No course expiry. Attend classes as along as you want. ( One year )

Part I – Practical test in Regulations and Procedure

Part II – Oral examination (Viva)

(a) Regulations and Procedure

(b) Radio Principles and Practice

Class conducted by Airline Pilot.

Fully Online. Flexible timing.

The RTR online classes consist of a complete 45 day course. All new students enrolling will be given 2 free demo classes, after which the students can complete payment to access the entire course.

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We have designed an elaborate, proven and tested course for our students. Our expertise will ensure a solid base to achieve success. Our online RTR classes module includes specific course oriented lectures pertaining to RTR-(A) syllabus, question solving, mock test on every subject, and consolidated practice tests. With our experienced faculty of Airline Pilots, we will make sure that your career takes off!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Course duration is one month to One and half month. Course duration may change according to Exam dates and your joining date. Check for next batch..
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access till you pass your RTR exam. This includes an one year package coverage.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What is RTR exam fees ?
The RTR exam fees are Rs. 500 for enrolment. Hence for RTR License issue a fee of Rs. 10000 is required.
Where can I get RTR exam questions and answers?
We already provide RTR exam questions and answers in this course along with live classes.
What are some important RTR exam books?
We provide all your required RTR exam books and notes in the course.
Where can I download DGCA RTR pepers?
You dont't need to look for DGCA RTR papers. We provide complete study materials and practice papers for RTR exam.
What is the RTR exam schedule 2022?
Always check wpc official site for RTR exam schedule 2022.
How to download RTR exam study material pdf?
Please refer to the answers above for RTR exam study materials pdf.
What is RTR exam schedule 2021?
Centre Expected Date of Examination Chennai 12/07/2021 New Delhi 13/09/2021 Hyderabad 15/11/2021 Kolkata 10/01/2022

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