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CAE SKYBORNE INSIGHT FTA L3 Harries and CHIMES selection preparation online coaching.

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''IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program Online Preparation for CAE/ SKYBORNE/ INSIGHT/ FTA/ L3/ CHIMES Aspirants'' is the output of our many years of experience and expertise a professional pilot and being involved in the Aviation training field. For a 10+2 aviation kid or new graduate, the world of aviation is more of a fascination and less accurate. If you want to become a pilot, only your passion, hard work and determination can lead you to achieve your dreams. To get selected for IndiGo, you must study hard and study smartly. From our previous experiences, we have seen the main difficulty one has to face the need for study materials, sample questions and proper guidance. We have made an easy solution for candidates appearing for the Indigo Cadet Pilot Program, which is time-penny and effort-saving.

PILOT APTITUDE TEST is included now in this course.

Indigo Cadet Pilots Applicants must be prepared with the following theories and practices.

The tests for pilot aptitude can be used to determine if candidates have the essential basic skills they require. Candidates need these competencies to be able to pass the Cadet pilot Assessment test and safely be able to operate an aircraft.

  • Numerical Reasoning: These tests assess a range of capabilities, from basic numeric skills to an in-depth analysis of tables and charts.
  • Verbal Reasoning: These tests assess verbal abilities such as following instructions in detecting and utilizing the information orally, interpreting it, and drawing inferences from oral data.
  • Behavioral/Work-related Behaviour: This assesses your work style and includes questions about how you behave in the workplace.
  • Application Numeracy: This section tests your knowledge of applied mathematics. This section tests your knowledge of various mathematical subjects, including diameters, decimals, and fractions.
  • Complex Control: The Complex Control flying simulation tests your technical skills through hand and eye coordination tests.
  • Monitoring Capacity: Your monitoring abilities are measured using an exercise called a radar, in which you have to determine the number of returns (moving dots) on display as they move at different speeds and directions.
  • Basic STEM Test: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Pilot aspirants must be checked on their understanding of the Physics and Mathematics foundation to train them in aviation theories in the future.
  • Spatial Awareness: Examined by the VOR test This section contains tasks like reading the dials of an aircraft simulator and being aware of where the aircraft is in the air.
  • Multi-tasking Capability: This test requires simultaneous working on three screens, including performing math calculations, detecting letters, and aligning an airplane with the runway.
  • Reaction Speed: This involves a simulation that simulates moving through tunnels.
  • Pilot Interview: The interview is the final phase of the Cadet Pilot selection process.

The objective of this course is to cover

  • FTA IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program at FlyFTA
  • SKYBORNE IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program
  • INSIGHT IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program at InsightFlyer
  • CAE Indigo Cadet Pilot Programme - International Pathway
  • L3 IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program
  • Chimes Aviation Academy CAA Indigo Cadet Pilot Program.

Key Features of Different IndiGo Cadet Pilot Pathways. Please note, we do not claim the authenticity of this information given below. It is the sole authority of the airline and the procedure can change anytime as per the airline policy. Follow the airline website for latest information.


  • Three stages of assessment include an online test, group activity/group discussion, and personal interview.
  • Candidates have a maximum of two attempts per stage.
  • Eligibility for the next stage depends on passing the previous stage.
  • Successful completion results in a Commercial Pilot License, UPRT, and Airbus A320 Type Rating.


  • Two stages of assessment include a numeracy test, aptitude test, English language assessment, psychometric test, interview, and group activity/personal interview.
  • Maximum two attempts per stage.
  • Eligibility for the next stage depends on passing the previous stage.
  • Successful completion results in a First Officer position on an A320 with Indigo.


  • Two stages of assessment include abilities and skills tests, attitude assessment, interview, and group activity/personal interview.
  • Maximum two attempts per stage.
  • Eligibility for the next stage depends on passing the previous stage.
  • Successful completion results in a comprehensive DGCA-compliant pilot training program.


  • Three assessment phases include written assessment, English assessment, and computer assessment.
  • Written assessment includes fundamental math problems and speed-time-distance problems.
  • Successful completion leads to an interview.


  • Two assessment rounds, including Pilapt (Pilot Aptitude evaluation) and a numeracy evaluation.
  • Pilapt is moderately complex.
  • Successful completion results in an invitation to pay for and complete an online assessment.


Why Should you join the preparation course?

Application process assistance.

Guidance to acquire educational loan.

Documentation assistance (NIOS, Medical, Board verification, Computer number Etc.. )

Study materials.

Mock interview sessions.

Performance monitoring and tracking system.

Online Classes.

IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program Interview Tips:

  • Appearance and behavior are vital in creating an excellent first impression during the IndiGo Pilot interview.
  • Qualities such as problem-solving, leadership, empathy, motivation, and prioritization are essential to emphasize during the interview.
  • Familiarizing oneself with the possible questions, such as strengths, weaknesses, technical skills, experience, and future goals, is necessary for preparation.
  • Practicing responses to questions can help increase confidence and improve communication skills.
  • Projecting confidence without being arrogant or pompous is crucial for a pilot role.
  • Good depth in STEM and understanding Aviation is very important for a successful Cadet Pilot Interview.
  • Understanding the job requirements can help you adjust responses and present yourself as a strong candidate.

In this course, we get you covered with all these aspects and prepare you for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Interview.

Course Curriculum

  Verbal reasoning for Airline test
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Indigo Cadet Pilot - Simulator Assessment Test
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Cut -e Verbal Ability test
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Preparing for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Interview
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Physics Revision for IndiGo Cadet Pilot Prep
Available in days
days after you enroll


" I have personally gone through the course module for evaluation and found it effective, useful and very handy for student pilots who want to prepare for any cadet pilot program........Best wishes.'' Capt. S. Verma, Boeing 737, Ex-Pilot Jet Airways.

''This course helped me a lot before my assessment , I prepared for 3 months only and I could finish my assessment well'' Simi Gomez.

"I was clueless before the assessment. Thanks for the course.'' Prachi Arya

Dharshini Nagarajan1

I found the course pretty we don't have any sample or previous question paper on the official site of igrua.....we can get a indepth view of how it will be asked and what to prepare .....but I found the interactive session for interview more and more useful...and all our doubts are cleared

Aviator cloud is really a very trusted…
Aviator cloud is really a very trusted source from where students can refer to without any stress. I bought the package of IGRUA on July 2021 and I had my exam on August 2021 and I passed my exam. So, if you are determinant and know you can do it, Aviator Cloud is the best to provide you with guidance, plethora of question papers to practice. So I recommend to just go for it and do well!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Jul 21, 2022

Great experience

Great experience, very helpful and attentive faculty. Helps you on every small thing, every small doubt. Had an amazing time. And very great practice time
Thank you for this great experience.

Date of experience: July 21, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
I don't know when will next IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program come. Should I join now?
Yes, You can join now and no need to worry of your subscription. You will be notified about the latest Indigo cadet pilot program whenever is comes in their official website.
Is 2024 too late to join the IndiGo Cadet Pilot program?
It is never late to join the cadet pilot program. Whenever you just get a chance, grab it. By the way why do you want to shift it directly to 2024 , it's 2017 and every year nearly 3–5 cadet program batches are organized by different training providers. So give a every chance to it and hope for best !!!
Is it safe choosing the IndiGo Cadet Pilot program in 2022 after this covid-19 pandemic?
It’s always a safe choice to choose a cadet Programme for your training because of LOI, that’s the main attraction.

This course is to prepare you for different stages of the selection process and keep you ahead in competition with confidence. This course doesn't guarantee your seat in any selection process. But it does help you to prepare better so that you can get a chance to be selected. The course is self-paced, completely online and easy to access from anywhere. A proper study for at least 3 months can make you prepared for the exam and give wings to your dream of being a pilot.

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