IGRUA Entrance Exam 2023 Discussion Board.

IGRUA Entrance Exam book:

Generally our students keep asking what are the books I should refer for the IGRUA entrance exam. We have provided you many study materials in this course. Those study materials are useful for the preparation. But there is no better alternative of text books. It is highly advised to revise your 10+2 Physics and Math books. Make sure that you practice the JEE question practice for any book. Physics and Maths questions may come directly from JEE syllabus. ( Easy and Medium difficulty level )

The time is very less for the students to prepare now. So, go with the question book for the JEE for a quick revision. Practice the model questions. Do not focus for the WOMBAT or the Igrua Interview preparation now. You will get enough time for the practice for those. Log in I’d is provided in the WOMBAT section to practice software.

Check the Mock test sections after revising the modules in the course.

For IGRUA Entrance exam 2023, time is very less now. Go through the modules we provided and practice similar.

For any doubt, ask your course instructor.

Keep in mind that, 50% - 60 % questions will come from the JEE physics and maths question book in igrua entrance exam.

All the best. Comment below if you have any doubt.

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