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Trained 800+ students in past 4 years. APTEIPP Aviation Studies is rebranded as Aviator Cloud.

Why Aviator Cloud?

Throughout the last four years, we have prepared 800+ pilots and wannabes through our online classes since 2016 under the brand name APTEIPP Aviation Studies in different courses like indigo cadet program fta, air asia cadet pilot program india, fta indigo, indigo cadet program, igrua entrance, IndiGo JFO program, IndiGo Type Rated and some more .. At the point when we began our courses for cae domestic pathway, Insight Aviation indigo, online teaching innovation just started developing. Online courses for spicejet cadet program, igrua entrance exam, indigo cadet program, cae domestic pathway, were the transformation of that time. We delivered almost 17 courses for Type Rated Pilots, Airline Prep for CPL holders, DGCA ATPL applicants, IndiGo Cadet Pilot Aspirants, Air Asia Cadet Pilot India, IGRUA Entrance Test aspirants and all significant Airline Entrance Exams for Pilots which were exceptionally fruitful. A considerable lot of our understudies are currently flying in every single significant airline in India.With time, we understood the requirement for cloud-based studies for pilots which is path in front of online courses for indigo cadet program fta, air asia cadet experimental run program india, fta indigo, indigo cadet program, igrua entrance test.

We overhauled our courses making course materials increasingly alluring and helpful for learning. With past experience and feedback, and with the assistance of cloud-based processing and AI, we are focused on giving our understudy pilots the best courses for their definitive success.

What are the courses accessible at Aviator Cloud?

Aviator Cloud, recently named as APTEIPP began with Airline Psychometric courses in 2016 giving psychometric answers for Pilots showing up in various carrier tests like Air India Express, Air India, IndiGo, Air India Regional, Air Asia and others. We developed with courses for IGRUA selection test giving igrua placement test question paper memory based - no real, igrua placement test syllabus, books for igrua entrance exam, entrance test paper for igrua and assistance to igrua apply online. Our other course IndiGo Cadet Program, the understudies requirement for the planning of indigo cadet program fta, fta indigo, cae local pathway, knowledge flight indigo, indigo cadet pilot, how to apply for indigo cadet program and other indiGo viewpoints.

Our Airline arrangement comprises of IndiGo JFO program, IndiGo SFO program, Air Asia Pilot Recruitment, Spice Jet Vistara Pilot Recruitment and other significant Airline tests. Our Igrua and indigo cadet pilot programme were highly accepted by students. Our course for Indigo cadet program started in 2016 and appeared as vayudoot to students. We have recently launched spicejet cadet pilot program online preparation course for the spicejet cadet pilot programme. As you know spicejet cadet program came in 2018 like the air asia cadet programme. Our next goal is to help next 1000 aspirants and pilots for indigo cadet pilot program 2021, igrua entrance exam 2021, Indigo cadet pilot program 2022, igrua entrance exam 2022, spicejet cadet pilot program 2022, Air Asia Cadet Pilot India 2021, DGCA Exams, IndiGo JFO Program, fta indigo cadet program and other projects. We aim to excel our students in indira gandhi rashtriya uran akademi entrance exam 2022.