In India, after doing CPL very few people choose to hours building like the US. The reason behind this is, Indian airline requirements and demands. It is only possible is India, after doing CPL just with 200 hrs, you can get a pilot job in airline. But in European country or US or CANADA, this is just next to impossible. So they need hours building.

If you are a CPL holder with 200 hours of flying, you have two options available. Either you appear for the CPL entry exam by any airline or the type rated vacancy. For example, IndiGo recruits fresher pilots with CPL and multi engine, and send them for A320 type rating after selection.

If somebody has 2000 hours in single engine as instructor, and somebody has 200 hours with 15 hrs of multi engine, both can apply for the selection test. If is upto you, how can you pass all the selection stages and finally win the interview. There are examples that, candidates with 2000 hours of instructor fail the interview while his student with 200 hrs wins the interview. So it can't be clearly said that, single engine instructional hours matter in getting a job in airline.

Single engine hours will not help you get a job on A320 anywhere in the world. It's good to have experience and these single engine hours will help you in future in getting your command and subsequent upgrades in later part of your career . Suppose your airline has a requirement of total time of 3000 hours out of which 1000 has to be on Airbus A320 . To become a line training captain or check pilot in other words you must have 2000 hours pilot in command out of which 1000 has to be on Airbus A320 .

In situations like these you will have an upper hand .

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