Ahmedabad: With a higher level of confidence of travelers following the completion of getting immunised and the declining amount of cases of Covid-19 the air travel industry was boosted prior to the advent of the festive season that begins in October. The number of passengers who flew into the airport increased by 56% during October of this year. A total of 5.58 lakh passengers traveled from the airport in October of this year as compared to 3.58 million passengers in October of in the year before.

City hoteliers and operators of travel have attributed the rise in demand to the rise of leisure travel, as well as corporate travel for conferences, events and trade shows.
"During the season of celebrations there were a lot of tourists and business travelers traveled to Ahmedabad. A lot of them came to weddings.
Of the 5.58 lakh travelers who passed through the airport in the city 65,722 of them were international while 4.93 are domestic. Overall , traveler sentiment has improved in the last few months. In October, the number of passengers travelled were up by 20% in comparison to 4.6 lakh in September.
"With instances of Covid-19 declining and people regaining their the confidence they need to go on vacation. Furthermore, as restrictions are eased or lifted completely in certain areas across the United States, their confidence is increasing. So, business travel in the local markets has increased to levels that are comparable to pre-Covid. Due to the festive season and longer weekend, travel for leisure has picked up. This resulted in an increase in air travelers," said Virendra Shah Chairman of the Travel Agents Association of India , Gujarat.